Stratus is actually a Latin term that means sheet or layer. Stratus clouds are rows of small, horizontal and thin layers of clouds found in the lowest part of the skies.

Stratus CloudsStratus clouds predominate on the so-called cloudy day, in which instead of blue skies, we only see a white blanket of cloud that seems to cover the whole atmosphere, blocking all traces of yellow sunlight. Looking at them closely, Stratus clouds are similar to fogs that we see in high-altitude area. We cannot touch them, but we know they are there because of their light grayish to transparent color.

Stratus clouds carry an ambivalent meaning among people. For some, their presence evokes dullness, a day without warm sunlight and is so lifeless.

Stratus CloudsDominance of stratus clouds too is seen as a preparation for darker days. For other people, on the other hand, cloudy days are perfect when the temperature is so high. They give people a break especially during summer when the heat of the sun is so penetrating.

Cloudy days too are seen as a nice weather to have long walks, do jogging, and the like, as the skies are not too dark to experience rain and not too bright to sweat out excessively.